Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Team Morrow.  That is what we call our little family of 4.

Matt and I have been together for 20 years this past January.  Ryan is 7, will be 8 in April. Harrison just turned 5 in January.  And some how, Matt and I are 34.

I miss blogging.  Well, I miss the memories blogging creates and saves for me.  definitely don't miss the having  "something else to do" blogging.  I just sat here on a day I left work to be at home with a sick Ryan, and read all the way back to 2008. I am just so happy/sad with all this.

Happy, because I was so good at blogging.  Posted great pictures and all.

Sad, because I stopped.

I know why I stopped, its the kids fault ;)  They take up way to much stinking time.  But, as I literally just turned to look at them, and in that split second, you just know its all worth it.  Then Ryan just looked at me, with that sweet innocent smile of his.  Oh how God has blessed me with two amazing children.

I want to just sit here and type and type.  But, Matt will be home soon, I must get up and look like I at least attempted to do something.

Friday, January 10, 2014

It's been how long?!?!?

Well, it been 2 1/2 years...WWHHHHAAAAAATTTTT!!!! How is that even possible.  I think about starting it often, but obviously never do!  A fellow Army wife posted her blog, so that in turn made me go see mine.  Whew...if for anything I need to do this for memories.  My babies were so small and cute, I say that while they are in the other room arguing over the Wii remotes!  I am not going to make this one long, mainly because I don't even know where to start.  But, I needed an opener.  Maybe in one of these long lonely nights ahead of me I will really lay it in, so be prepared!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ryan and Dawson get down!

Well this weekend was very fun filled for Ryan. Jason and Loni FINALLY brought over their nephew, Dawson. They usually only get to see each other on holiday's. And this past Easter was just a riot watching the two of them! Dawson is a very animated little boy. He brings tears to your eyes laughing so hard at him. He is just so stinking funny. And of course Ryan mocks everything Dawson does.

They came over Friday night and the boys played so hard Ryan was asleep within two minutes after they left. Ryan went and laid down in our bed, saying he wanted to watch a movie. We stepped out to lock things up, we walked back in and he was passed out!

So, on Sunday, since the guys were having a guys day at Six Flags, Loni and I decided to take Ryan and Dawson. (Thanks mom for watching Harrison ALL DAY) It was such a hoot. We even got Ryan to ride a big people roller coaster. ( I might just have scarred him for life) And we rode Thunder River 3X in a row! We were there for at least 7 hours. They boys were exhausted! Dawson even fell asleep on the table at Taco Bell!
putting their wrestling moves on Jason. I don't think Ryan has an idea of what he is doing. He is just following whatever Dawson does!

Two very tired little boys!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bradley's party

Today was Bradley's (Lauren and Jonathon's son) 4th birthday party. Every year we go to each other's parties, and every year I just can't believe how much older they are. It is just so cool to see all the kids from year to year, many of them I don't know (like the little girl in the background) but I see them every year there, and it's just amazing.

I tried really hard to get a good pic of the three of them, but Bradley was the only one who wanted to work with me!

Happy 4th Bradley!

Hopefully we will see you before you guys turn 5!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

RYAN...written with his own hand!

Look at this!

I am so excited, it made me blog...AGAIN!

Ryan is capable of many things, but drawing and writing is definitely not one of them. Until these last couple of days. I always knew which "art project" was Ryan's in his school's hallway. It was either the one with no name or scribbles!

He just gets way to excited/bored when I put a marker in his hand. Well on Sunday we went to Chloe's birthday party. And like usual we made a homemade card. I told him to write Chloe on it. I spelled it for him, I did not write it. And he wrote it. This is the first real word he has written. I teared up when he did it, then the realization of giving his masterpiece away broke my heart. But he was just so excited to give it to her, and after all, it was hers.

Well since then, he has been writing letters and numbers like crazy. Sure, they are not all legible, but he is doing it and having fun doing it!

THEN, today after a long wait. I told him to go sit at the table with his marker and "work" and today's project was to write his name 5 times. I totally expected to come back to lots of scribbles like I have in the past. NOPE!!!

This is what I got! I am a very proud mama!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

...6 months later

Well a lot has changed, but a lot is still the same.

I will post changes later, but for now I want to record our snow fall for today, I measured 9 inches on our front step ( I know the bold is on, but I can't get it off and I don't have time to figure it out). And all on my dad's birthday, Happy birthday pops :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just another week

A pretty low scale on the interesting meter this week.

For the food part of it, we had chicken and wild rice in the crock pot, which i actually lost the recipe for and had to kind of make it up, but it still was really good. And the best part of it, Ryan loved and kept asking for more carrots. We made sun tea yesterday, which I have not made in years either. I am not a huge tea drinker, but have already had two glasses of that."

We have really been having some wicked storms lately. High winds, blowing rain, and lots of lightening. I love thunderstorms. I will admit that I am a little (Matt would say a lot), scared of them. I won't let Matt leave when one is coming. But that have been some weird intense storms. I came home from work on Monday and Matt arrived about the same time I did, and he noticed that something was missing off the deck...our huge umbrella! He went and knocked on some doors to find out where it could have blown to, after a little investigating, we found it. It was two doors across the street, in their back yard. The thing is huge and heavy to carry. I don't know how this happened! This is no small cheap umbrella, it was like $600 from Seasonal Concepts. (don't worry we don't have that kind of money anymore, I would so spend $600 so much differently now!)
We were supposed to go ride the Metro Link to the City Garden on Tuesday morning with some friends. But those storms hit us pretty hard again. They decided not to go, but it was to late for us, we were already there waiting for them when we were told they weren't coming. But we couldn't leave, how do you tell a 3 year old boy who's life revolves around trains (and Toy Story 3), we aren't going to ride it anymore?!? So since it was just me and Ryan we decided to board it anyway, and ride about 4 stops down and turn around and come back. He was in train heaven. It was really cool just the two of us. So more or less we got up early, packed for all day, rushed to get Harrison dropped off, traveled 20 miles to the Metro Link, stood in the lightening storm, waited for the no-shows, boarded the train, and all for a 35 minute ride to where we began! But some how the unexpected was fun!

Yes, this is Kung Foo Panda! Yes his head is touching our ceiling! Only my husband would stuff this into his car and bring it inside, make us hide outside in the 100 degree weather while he 'tried' to set him up, and bring us back inside all to see the reaction of his son's face when he see's him!
One really good piece of good news we received this week was the letter from the school district reenacting the pre-K program. We are just stoked about it! He did get into Headstart for this fall because he received a referrel from his speech counselor. Now with this, he can go where we wanted him to! So registration is this Wednesday, and if it is all true and what we think it is, we will call Headstart and get him out of there program. God has so been with us for this whole adventure! We were really excited about Headstart, but the school he will go to now, will be in the AM, and it's right down the street from us. So no bus ride, and no giving up on naps...just yet. So this is going to be so much better. Plus hopefully we can keep the same SLP we had last school year.